Tamara Ritchie

Executive Director

Proudly raised in the North, Tamara started with Obair Economic Society in 2018. She is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the communities that she serves.

Phone: 250-782-2628 ext 101

E-mail: tritchie@obair.ca


Tracy Lee

Director of Operations & Finance

A lifetime Dawson Creek resident, Tracy has 30+ years of bookkeeping and office management experience. She's a mother of 2 and a stepmother of 3. She loves animals and spending time with her family.

Phone: 250-782-2628 ext 104

E-mail: tlee@obair.ca


Sarah Kardashinski

Program Manager

Sarah has a Career Management Professional Certification as well as a Assisting Individuals in Crisis Certification. She believes "In all things and all ways, leave it better than you found it".

Phone: 250-782-2628 ext 103

E-mail: skardashinski@obair.ca


Liana Mayhew

Program Manager & Vocational Coach

Liana started with Obair in October 2021. She has her Assisting Individuals in Crisis Certificate, and believes there is no greater honour than helping people reach their goals. She moved to Dawson Creek in 2013 with her 2 children and quickly fell in love with the people and area. "Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve, This Is What We Do"

Phone: 250-782-2628 ext 107

E-mail: lmayhew@obair.ca


Jennifer Ominayak

RedPath Facilitator

Jennifer started as Red Path Student last June 5th and took over as a new Red Path Facilitator immediately after the program. She loves being creative and has a passion in artistry. Teaching individuals in new things fulfills her day.

Phone: 250-782-2628 ext 105

E-mail: jominayak@obair.ca


Joebelle Flores

Administrative Assistant

Joebelle is a 2-year Business Management graduate and former international student. She loves expressing herself by painting.

Phone: 250-782-2628 ext 106

E-mail: jflores@obair.ca


Theodora Kunkel

Vocational Coach

Moved to Dawson Creek in 2019 and started with Obair in 2023 as a Vocational Coach and Program Facilitator. As someone who had no idea what she wanted when she "grew up", she finds great fulfillment in helping others on the same path.

Phone: 250-782-2628 ext 110

E-mail: tkunkel@obair.ca


Taylor McAlpine

Vocational Coach

A Dawson Creek resident for 10+ years and mother of 1, Taylor has 3 years of experience in Social Services and a commitment to supporting individuals facing various barriers. She eagerly anticipates the chance to contribute to impactful initiatives and guide people to their goals.

Phone: 250-782-2628 ext 102

E-mail: tmcalpine@obair.ca


Sarah Harrison


Sarah is passionate about working with the communitty to help individuals achieve their full potential. She has a strong understanding of the challenges faced by individuals seeking to develop their skills and build successfull careers.

Phone: 250-782-2628 ext 108

E-mail: sharrison@obair.ca

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